3 Day Sleep Solution Review: Sleep Training Your Baby

You are an open-minded parent and hence want your kid to sleep independently in his cozy room. But, what’s that! Your kid is constantly demanding your company to fall asleep. 

You are back after a hectic routine and don’t want anyone to disturb you, but how will your baby understand this! 

Firstly, welcome to parenthood. Secondly, let’s discuss all points to find a final solution because this is serious for exhausted parents.

It might be strange to imagine sleeping calmly as a skill; it never comes naturally. As a brand new parent, you pass out immediately as you place your head on a pillow. But, your baby is not developing this ability yet. 

They expect your assistance and want you to soothe them no matter what’s the time. Although babies spend most of their time sleeping, they still need to adopt a proper sleeping pattern. It’s high time that your baby should learn how to sleep and when to sleep.

Parents, don’t worry! 

Davis, a child sleep Educator/Consultant, has created 3 day sleep solution to help exhausted parents. The remaining words of this guide will be the review of Davis Ehrler’s 3 day sleep solution.

3-day sleep solution, which is presented to us by Ehrler, is crucial to follow for your newborn. 

Follow her guidelines or tips and Let your baby sleep independently without your help! In this way, you and your family can sleep well, especially in traveling.

Know that it may take a few days for your baby to learn about some new behavior, so you must be consistent in training. 

Firstly, let’s discuss the general 3-day sleep solution.

What is the 3 Day Sleep Solution?

Davis has served the parents by giving a quick and effective 3 day sleep solution for kids.

Before getting into detail, let me mention that the solution will only help you if you follow it correctly.

Firstly, be patient because kids being kids don’t know about proper routines. According to Davis, your kid may take two to three nights to properly adjust to new people and surroundings.

Davis advises that “stop expecting too much from kids and even from yourself while traveling.”

The Author divides the 3-day sleep solution into the following eight steps

Remove Distractions

3 day sleep solution

Your baby is not sleeping, even after the feeding time? Is your baby watching at each corner of the room while you are trying to make him sleep?

This condition happens because of the random distractions in the room. Keep in mind that kids are more curious to note things. You will find them looking and smiling at each item that seems interesting to them. 

Note that kids will get distracted by their cute blankets, room décor, and stuffed animals around them. The mobile you are using or TV is also a significant source of distraction for your kid.

Just try to remove those blankets, bedsheets, or toys from the room, and you will notice a significant change in your kid’s behavior. In this way, you can promote rest and as well sleep in your baby.

  • Crib Preparation

Within the complete solution, Davis is focusing on crib preparation. You will mention the mobiles, bumper pads, toys, and even the sheet patterns or colors. She recommended working on each item that can be a source of distraction for kids.

  • Eliminating Sleep Crutches

Is your baby behaving like a slave of a pacifier? It’s not your kid’s fault to demand a pacifier all day. You will have to change this habit. Most of the parents interpret that pacifier is like magic due to which their kid falls asleep. But that’s not true. The kid will never go into the deep sleep promoted by the pacifier. 

3 day sleep solution is making parents understand that they should not provide sleeping aids to their kids. Instead, train your kid so that they will sleep independently without asking for aids.

The first day without sleeping aid will be brutal for you and so for your kid. Your kid will keep demanding for pacifier or other help until parents train them properly.

Here, crutches reflect the stroller rides, rocking, swaddling, car rides, and even pacifiers. In the second step, remove all the crutches or distractions from the sleeping area of your baby. 

It is crucial to mention that each is different from the others so that the process may affect them differently.

  • Routines

Parents who are following a proper routine are more likely to train their kids quickly than those not following the same time. Note that kids notice the events or actions, not your words. ThereforeRoutine is the key element when achieving the desired result at the end of a 3-day sleep solution. You must follow the same time and same pattern to convince your kid to sleep.

After 3 days, you will notice that your kid falls asleep at that same time without even asking for a sleeping aid.

  • Specific Bedtimes

Step five is about the ideal bedtimes. According to Davis, different age groups have different ideal bedtimes. She divides the ages into 4 to 12 months, 12 to 18 months, and 18 months to 2 years. Each group will have its specific bedtimes.

Suppose your kid’s bedtime is minimum, then not let him sleep randomly in the day. In this way, your kid will sleep calmly at night.

  • Crying and Effective Processing 6 & 7  

The following 3 steps are covered under the same heading, i.e., crying and effective processing. Davis explained that why babies cry and what parents should do to cope with this habit. She mentioned, let your baby cry it’s suitable for a limited time because it’s a natural and crucial process. Try to console and comfort your baby.

  • Naps

Naps are about following the steps as mentioned earlier. Naptime should also follow a specific routine. Note that varying nap times may cause a significant change in the sleeping Routine of your kid. One wrong step can kick all your efforts, so follow the guidelines properly.

Pros and Cons of 3-day Sleep Solution


  • Serve your baby with good sleep
  • If your baby is sleeping well, then they will feel more comfortable 
  • By proper 3 days sleep solution, you can train your baby to sleep independently
  • You can work freely
  • Baby will learn about self-soothing
  • 3-day sleep solution gives you the best and quick results
  • Your baby will not disturb you while traveling


  • Sleep solution may misunderstand the normal sleep of your kid
  • According to different studies, sleep training may misunderstand your baby’s capabilities
  • Most of the time, a 3-day sleep solution is not practical for long term
  • Not always perfect, not even for the short term 
  • You may not build up a strong bond with your baby once he gets sleep trained
  • Mainly, sleep training ignores the real problems
  • May misunderstand the independence 

FAQs Related to 3 day Sleep Solution

3 day sleep solution

Under this discussion, parents also ask the following questions.

  • Is a 3-day sleep solution effective?

Yes, a 3-day sleep solution gives you the desired results but only if you follow the guidelines. Even practicing the same process every day will take only 3 days to make your kid sleep without your help.

  • When should you start 3 days of sleep training your baby?

There is no specific time recommended to follow a 3-day sleep solution. According to Davis, four-month is an excellent time to sleep train your baby.

  • Is a 3-day sleep solution terrible for kids?

A big NO, 3-day sleep solution is not wrong for babies if you are practicing it right. However, some other specific sleep training methods may prove themselves bad for kids.

  • Is sleep solution necessary for babies?

Remember, sleep solution is more for exhausted or busy parents than it is for babies. Therefore, NO, sleep solution is not necessary for babies. Parents can train them to sleep independently for their ease.

  • What if the child is still feeding at night?

Most formula-fed kids don’t need to provide at night for almost six months. While on the other hand, the kids relaying on breastfed will take more time to learn about independent sleeping. There is another possibility that your baby sleeps without your company but wakes up at night for milk. In this case, you will have to give some more time to your kid before putting him in sleep training.

  • What if you are on vacation with your baby?

Most of us go on vacation with a mental setup of 20 percent sleep and 80 percent enjoying. Davis says, “Ditch the rules and try to act opposite of It.” you must complete 80 percent of your sleep with 20 percent of overall vacation. The point reflects the idea that you should let your kid co-sleep with you even when you are not practicing this at home. Similarly, let your kid sleep in a crib rather than a stroller. She suggested this strictly to have a good diet on vacation. There is no need to have a salad every night when you are on vacation!

Keys Takeaway

Everyone has the same need for sleep. How a person goes about sleeping varies, but the quality of sleep is what is most important. Sleeping independently can help kids be able to regulate their sleeping patterns and can be a solution for parents who are looking

Sleep training is a pretty common practice these days. It can be difficult for parents to get their kids to sleep independently, so they may find themselves trying all sorts of things to get them to sleep through the night.

There are many ways to help children learn how to sleep independently, including establishing a routine and following the Davis days. Many parents find success in implementing these methods over time, although it may take a few days for children to adjust.


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