Baby Dust Method Explained, Will It Be Girl or Boy?

Are you hoping for a boy? Or dreaming for a pretty baby girl?—here is each point discussed you need to know about gender determination. You listen to mom saying that she wants a healthy baby no matter what the gender. But, let’s be real. Almost all parents wish for a boy or girl depending on their gender preference for the next pregnancy. No judgments. It’s a natural human nature. 

By keeping your preference in mind, you may approach different methods to decide the gender/sex of your baby. Although there is a wide range of methods to decide baby gender, the most effective is the Baby dust method.

Author of Baby Dust Method

The baby dust method is a detailed guide about conceiving a baby, presented to us by Kathryn Taylor. Note that the method is not just an arrow in the air but is delivered to you after deep and detailed research. Kathryn Taylor has a degree in Microbiology and Molecular genetics from UCLS. She studied X or Y in detail to know which factors affect them and which fertilizes an egg. 

For this purpose, she worked on related databases and gave almost 7 months to this research. Digging the information makes her capable of designing the Baby Dust Method. She is in favor of providing ease to parents to get the desired results without any trouble. 

The purpose of the book is to help parents just by serving them with a guide about deciding the baby’s gender.

The author mentions no precise science to decide boy or girl outside of gender tech selection. There is just a germ truth behind most of the methods delivered to you.

Focusing on the guidebook will make you realize clear differences between the baby dust method and other processes. In this way, it will be easy for you to convince yourself to use the baby dust method for desired results.

Let’s not get into the additional details and jump to the main point. 

What Is The Baby Dust Method?

baby dust


As mentioned above, the baby dust method is all about deciding the gender of the baby at the time of planning. It’s a step-by-step guide for the parents when they are willing to add their gender preference into the family.

The overall baby dust method is about tracking the luteinizing hormone of women. Mom to be will have to create a chart with complete detail about their luteinizing hormone. The overall idea is to check the hormone twice a day for three months because of intercourse (trying to conceive). The motive behind this chart building is too aware the women of their overall pattern, especially in their cycle.

Now, there is a recommendation to have a strip test in the morning because that’s when you are holding urine for a long time. You should do the second test in the evening before you go to sleep. Note that the luteinizing hormone surges 24 hours before ovulation time.

It’s true that testing twice a day is somehow tricky, but it’s the key to conceiving preferred gender. It is crucial to mention that testing once a day can be useless because it may disturb your overall hormonal record. Also, testing once creates the possibility that you test after the LH surge, which is not appreciated. The worse situation is when you completely miss the surge. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to test twice a day and maintain your hormonal record.

Baby Dust Method Details


baby dust

Within the guide, there are mainly two processes, one for each gender. Let’s dive into the details and know what Taylor advised us to have a baby of the desired gender.

Conceiving Girl according to baby dust method

Tracking your luteinizing hormone is the very first step while you are planning to conceive a baby. Now it’s time to work for the gender of your selection.

According to baby dust, you will have intercourse almost three days before ovulation time. That is the point where you will understand the importance of recording mom’s hormones. If you have done that tracking properly, you will get the desired results.

Conceiving Boy according to baby dust method

Moving ahead, when both of you want to have a baby. Taylor recommended intercourse twice a day until its female’s ovulation time. Again, the results will be dependent on your record of measuring hormones. 

Note that both of these methods differ depending on the way of measuring luteinizing hormone.

What is more in the baby dust method?

Along with the guidelines to decide your baby’s gender, you will find multiple recommendations related to your guide. While reading the guide you will find separate diet plans or food to conceive a boy or girl.

Seafood along with a quantity of fruit is preferred when you are willing to have a baby girl. The food list contains beans, almonds, leafy greens, cheese, figs, berries, eggs, and apples. While on the other hand, start taking fresh fruit, veggies, and potassium-rich food such as bananas and avocadoes when you want to have a baby boy.

All of these words were the main theme of the baby dust method. So now, you have to record your hormone, maintain a balanced diet and follow any of the two methods. Furthermore, people have many questions to ask when it’s about baby dust. Let’s discuss the queries one by one for proper understanding.

FAQs Related to Baby Dust 

  • What is the meaning of baby dust?

Let me be clear. There are two different meanings under the same word. Mostly, baby dust is used when you wish someone good luck in pregnancy. While on the other hand, the same term is also used for baby dust/mite allergy. Don’t confuse the terms.

  • What is the main theme of the baby dust method?

The straightforward answer is that the baby dust method is about a female recording her luteinizing hormone to know the exact times when a surge in it happens. In this way, it becomes easy to determine the accurate ovulation period of the mom-to-be. 

Now you have two options whether to go ahead with the boy conceiving method or the girl conceiving method.

  • What is the baby dust method for a boy?

Parents will have intercourse for two to three days until the ovulation day for having a boy while following the baby dust method. Make sure to record luteinizing hormone properly before following the method.

  • What is the baby dust method for a girl?

While you are recording your luteinizing hormone from the past two to three months and know about its surge time, for a baby girl, you will have intercourse once in three days before the ovulation days.

  • Does the baby dust method work?

Luckily, the baby dust method is the only sex deciding to get an almost 99 percent positive rating. A lot of the parents are sharing their success stories after following this method. The remaining 1 percent is maybe somehow wrong in recording their luteinizing hormone.

  • When does luteinizing hormone surge?

While reading the baby dust method, you will interact with the term “luteinizing hormone surge.” It’s the time when the quantity of hormone will be high in your body. In most cases, the luteinizing hormone surges almost 24 hours before ovulation. To keep an accurate track, you will have to measure it for two to three months.

To Wrap It Up

If you explore choosing the sex of your child, you will get a huge list of different methods. Having a range of the method is another confusion for parents. At this point, we are here to help parents select the sex of their children. We favor the baby dust method because it is the most reviewed method of deciding a baby’s gender. 

The author of the baby dust book Taylor presented this method after deep research when she was planning her baby. Getting her desired result was the time when she decided to share this method with the world.

There came a time in a couple’s life when they wanted to give birth to the gender of their selection. Following the baby, the dusting method is the effective way rather than having harsh supplements.

According to the author, the female’s ovulation period is the main thing around which the baby’s gender revolves. Therefore, she recommended the couple keep a proper record of the female’s luteinizing hormone. The hormone surge will decide your intercourse time.


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