Baby Shampoo for Oily Hair, Is It for You or Your Baby?

Taking care of a newborn sometimes proved quite tricky, especially for young parents with no prior experience. Behind their cute appearances, babies are very delicate. That’s why parents tend to be on high alert and be cautious for their children’s safety, as they want what’s best for their loved ones. One common topic often discussed and researched is greasy hair and baby shampoo for oily hair. Let’s take a deep dive on this topic, shall we?

Oily Hair: Should It Raise Concern for Adults?

Greasy hair is a natural occurrence for your baby. Infants need to develop and adjust to their surroundings after being born, as they were overprotected inside the womb. They will produce hormones and cause extra oils on the scalp. One of those oils is called sebum, and it helps to keep the baby’s skin lubricated. The more hair your baby grows, the higher the chance for your baby to have more grease. 

Oily hair is a natural occurrence, but it’s recommended not to over wash your little one.

baby shampoo for oily hair

Though natural, you should wash and clean your baby’s head. Usually, newborns will obtain greasy hair from day one up to about a month, and it’s pretty similar to the oily skins that adults have. That’s why it is essential not to be too cautious over a baby’s greasy hair. Do not try to wash your child’s head over. People will recommend you to keep the bathing ritual about two to three times a week. Too much cleaning will remove the natural oils and send signals to the cells to double their effort to produce the sebum oil.

Baby Shampoo: Your One-Stop Solution for Oily Hair?

Indeed, you don’t want to clean your little one’s hair with just clean water. Like adults, babies also need shampoo to help freshen up and clean them from grease and dirt. You can use baby shampoo for oily hair! These shampoos contained soft and gentle ingredients. Moreover, they will provide essential proteins as well as nourishment for a baby’s scalp. 

Nowadays, there is a wide range of baby shampoo products that you can choose from in the market. Ranging from Aveeno to Johnson and Mustela, each of these products will help you take care of your infant’s head. Let’s take a look at some of our recommendations below so that you can choose the best product for your baby.

  • Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns


Here we have a top product that has become a fan-favorite, especially on Amazon. It’s made up of 99% natural ingredients and does not contain parabens, phthalate, and phenoxyethanol. Furthermore, it does not contain any soap, making it gentle if it comes to contact with the eyes. It also generates a pleasant smell—undoubtedly a hard product to pass.

  • Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo


It is packed in a 532 ml bottle. This product will help to keep your baby’s hair and skin smooth, soft, and healthy. Keep your baby’s head ungreasy with this natural oat-extract conditioner. It’s a perfect shampoo for delicate skin as it is hypoallergenic and does not contain parabens and phthalate. If you feel like it, purchase a volumizing 976 ml bottle of the same product!

  • Baby Bum Shampoo

baby shampoo for oily hair

Like the previous products, Baby Bum Shampoo contained natural moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, white ginger, and aloe vera to help maintain your loved one’s head healthy, fresh, and free from grease. Washing your baby with this product will surely give them a good experience.

  • Thinkbaby Shampoo and Baby Wash


People are excited to talk about this shampoo. Think baby Shampoo and Baby Wash are made up entirely of natural ingredients. It is tear and chemical-free, which sounds like a safe bet for a baby’s delicate skin. Its organic ingredients will make sure that there won’t be any chemical reactions. Using this natural shampoo will surely lighten up your little one’s mood for the day.

  • Johnson’s Tear-Free Baby Shampoo


The name says it all. One of the best solutions out there to fix your “oily hair” issue. This product will ensure your baby’s hair stays smooth, shiny, and fresh. Moreover, Johnson’s Tear-Free Baby Shampoo is free from parabens, dyes, sulfates, and phthalates. One of the best conditioners out there!

  • Bella B Naturals Baby Shampoo


Look, another all-natural shampoo alternative for your infant! Bella B Naturals Baby Shampoo is a bottle of safe experience that won’t cause any harm, even when it comes to contact with your baby’s eyes. It can be an excellent solution to fix their “cradle cap” problems while still effectively cleaning out grease.

  • Johnson’s Shiny & Soft Tear Free Kids’ Shampoo

baby shampoo for oily hair

Lastly, it’s another product released by Johnson’s Baby. It is free from paraben, dye, and sulfate. And it also presents a different variant than the one mentioned previously. Besides helping in trimming oil in your baby’s head, this product also helps hair growth. It is suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t contain any offensive materials. 

What’s in it for You?

Now that we have looked at some of the baby shampoos available out there. However, the question still begs: why use those products? What ingredients are contained inside? Is it effective in thinning out the grease on the baby’s head? Don’t worry; we’re here to help answer those questions.

Sure enough, all of the products mentioned before have proven to be successful and trusted products, and not without good reasons. You may have noticed that all of them are made from natural ingredients. It prevents babies from any harm and side effects. It also contains agents that help in trimming oil located in the head. Do you know what’s interesting? Even adults can use these products to solve their issues. 

Rated E for Everyone

It turns out you can use baby shampoo for adults too! 


Yes, you read it correctly. Some adults are using baby shampoo for their oily hair. The biggest reason behind it is the ingredients inside. Contrary to adult shampoos, baby shampoo rarely ever contains any harsh chemicals that dry our skin. As mentioned before, dry skin will encourage cells to reproduce oil at a faster rate. Therefore, people tend to purchase baby shampoo to help with their problems. 

Though baby shampoo seems to be the perfect choice for everybody, an article from mentioned a couple of possible ingredients inside that could be cancer-causing. The article found out that Johnson’s Baby Shampoo contains dioxane and quaternion, releasing formaldehyde or carcinogen. However, proof that the product could cause any cancer has not yet been found. But there’s no harm in being extra cautious.


  • Is it safe for babies to use mild or even adult shampoo?

It is strongly advised that you avoid washing your babies with a mild shampoo. The adult shampoo contains potent cleansing agents that can prove to be harmful to babies. With a wide range of baby shampoos available out there, you don’t need to worry about using adult products for your baby anymore. 

  • Too much grease: is it a health issue?

As mentioned before, oily hair is a widespread occurrence as babies produce sebum oil found on their heads. This phenomenon leads to the grease building up on the scalp. A large amount of grease shouldn’t warrant any concerns either. It is very natural, mainly if your infant has already grown lots of hair. Another possibility that could factor in is the number of times you bathe your baby. Try to avoid washing your baby every day, as experts recommend that you clean them two to three times a week. Over-washing them would make them much oily than before!

  • Which baby shampoo fits best for adults?

There is no guideline for you to choose which product fits you the most. It’s all a matter of preference. However, if you have delicate skin, you might want to try a baby shampoo with no sulfates at all, as some shampoo still contains them (though not at a significant amount). It will feel very gentle and moist on your skin too!


baby shampoo for oily hair

Surely enough, you can draw the line of conclusion after reading this article. Baby shampoo proved to be an effective solution for you or your loved ones. There are various good shampoo products for you to choose from, and they are all equally good to fix oily hair. It is up to you to decide which one suits you best!


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