Baby Wipes: How to Warm and Things You Need to Know

It’s essential to give special care to baby wipes as they’re crucial things for babies. You use them many times a day for your sweetheart, every time you need to change the diaper. So aside from keeping them as clean and hygienic as possible, you may also need to keep them warm.

With that said, we’ll discuss further how to warm baby wipes. There are many ways to warm baby wipes that you can try at home. We’ll also discuss other things related to warming the wipes that you need to know.

Why You Need to Warm Baby Wipes

Before we talk about how to warm baby wipes, you need to know why they need to be heated. Here are the reasons why you need to warm baby wipes:

Baby skin is sensitive.


 We all know that baby skin is different from an adult’s. Baby skin is sensitive, especially the bottom area. As sensitive it may be, experts are advising to keep the baby’s surroundings warm. Especially if your family lives in a cold environment or going through hard seasons, such as chilly autumn and harsh winter.

This condition also applies to baby wipes because they’re in direct contact with baby skin. First, you need to ensure that the wipes are soft and safe, without any dangerous substances. Then you could use them in a warm state, so your baby will feel the warmth throughout their skin.

Preventing allergy and sick

how to warm baby wipes

 Using warm baby wipes is a way of controlling your baby from getting allergies or even ill. Related to the last part about how sensitive baby skin is, using unsuitable wipes can cause skin problems. You may find redness, rashes, or allergies on the bottom of your small little gift.

Using too wet and cold wipes could get the baby sick. The sensitive skin they have made them prone to illness, and the cold wipes will make things worse. They may easily catch coughs and colds if you’re not careful.

Boosting the baby’s comfort


 Every baby’s condition is different but generally, babies like warmth. Using warm wipes will increase the baby’s comfort, and this will make them calmer. With this approach meaning, it will reduce down the crying too. The more comfortable the baby is, the quieter they will be. Happy babby results in happy parents.

How to Warm Baby Wipes?

As mentioned at the beginning, there are many ways to warm baby wipes. From natural ways to using tools, you have several options as a helping hand. Here are some things you can try to warm baby wipes:

Body temperature


The natural and simple way to warm baby wipes is using your body temperature. You can use your hands easily for this. The method is rubbing the wet, not too wet, baby wipe with both of your hands until it gets warm. When you think the wipe is warm enough for your baby, you can use it.

This method is suitable for you who don’t want your baby to get too warm or even too hot. This way, you could control the warmth manually. This method is also suitable for you who want to avoid using tools, especially electronic ones.

Aside from your hands, you can also use your body to warm the wipes. Store the baby, wipe it inside a ziplock bag, and keep it under your body during sleep. If it feels too uncomfortable for you, you can put it under the pillow. 

Warm water


Using warm water is a quick way to make the baby wipes warm. You can just run the wipes under warm water, then squeeze them. Make sure the wipes are not too hot or even harmless. When you get enough warmth, you can use them for your baby.

If running the wipes under the water will feel too hot for your hands, you can soak them into the washer. Fill the washer with warm water and wait for a few minutes. If the wipes feel too hot, you can splash some cold water to balance them.

The other method to use warm water is using a thermos dispenser. A thermos dispenser is a good option if you want to warm baby wipes when you’re outside. You need to store warm water inside the thermos, then use the water whenever you need it. 

Sun rays


Another natural way to warm baby wipes is by taking advantage of sun rays. But you cannot use all kinds of wipes in this method. This method works the best for cloth wipes, which they’re heavier and denser than others. This characteristic makes cloth wipes a lot warmer, also easy to warm under the sun rays.

Bag, clothes, and paper


 Believe it or not, you can use this combination to warm your baby wipes. Put the wipes in the deepest part of a bag, then pile clothes above it. You can also use clean paper to cover the wipes and set the line with other things inside the bag.

This method can be a good option when you’re outside or going on a trip. You’re most definitely bringing a bag when going out with your baby, anyway. So, you can count this as maximize your belongings’ utility and keep your baby warm at once.


how to warm baby wipes

 Not only for drying your hair, but you can also use a hairdryer to warm the baby wipes. The way to use it is pretty simple, turn the hairdryer in hot mode. Then put the wipes in front of it like how you’re drying your hair. Don’t do this too long because the wipes will get too hot. When you think the wipes are warm enough, you can turn off the hairdryer.



This method may sound strange, but yes, you can use a microwave to warm baby wipes. Use a zipper bag to put wipes as many as possible, at least 3 of them. Please make sure the zipper bag is sealed well before you put it inside the microwave. 

Don’t use too high a temperature when warming the wipes inside your microwave. Besides, it will be too hot for your baby. It can also melt the wipes. And don’t put them inside for too long. Okay, that’s a long list of caution. But that’s what you need to do if you want to warm the wipes using the microwave.

Wipe warmer


Another way to warm baby wipes is using a wipe warmer. Just like the name, a wipe warmer is a device that will make your baby wipes warm. You can store the wipes inside a wipe warmer, and it will warm your tushies automatically. To make this device work, you may need a power supply or battery depends on each product.

Many brands release wipe warmer on the market, such as Munchkin, Prince Lionheart, Dex, Hiccapop, Celentador, and many more. They are selling these products primarily in the US, but you could find them at the marketplace online. Like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

Do You Need a Wipe Warmer?

This part is one of the most asked questions regarding wiping warmer, as many mothers are torn between using it. Before deciding, here are some things you need to know about baby wipe warmers:

Warm the wipes quickly and automatically

how to warm baby wipes

 One of the wipe warmer strengths is that it works automatically, making it easier to warm the baby wipes. The wipes are stocked well and clean inside the warmer, which you can use whenever you need. This procedure can be a solution if you need a quick warm wipe when your baby is crying. Just take a wipe from the warmer, and you can change your baby’s pampers.

Microbes and dried issue


 The wipe warmer comes with a shortcoming, that’s a battery and dried issue. As you may already know, warm places are more prone to generate bacteria. Especially if you leave it for a long time, more prolonged usage can also lead to drying up the wipes, and too dry wipes will instead make your baby uncomfortable.

To avoid this problem, you can limit the usage of a wipe warmer. Please don’t use it for too long, moreover for days. Plug out the power after a day’s usage. You also need to clean the warmer frequently to keep the batteries away. 

And the most important thing, you need to follow the instruction listed on the product. Every product may have its feature and directions to make it work in the best condition. So, make sure to follow them precisely to keep both the product and your baby wipes safe.

Choose quality over price.

how to warm baby wipes

Last but not least, choose the quality over price when buying the warmer. You may find a cheap one, but take a step back and check the quality of the product. It’s better to buy a well-known product with good reviews to make it safe. It’s for your precious baby, so let’s choose the good ones.

That’s all you need to know about how to warm baby wipes along with other related things. You can consider the methods explained above and choose what works the best for you. Also, for your beloved baby, of course.

If you still can’t decide on one method, why don’t you try them one by one? Especially the natural and easy ones. Just try and let them show what suits you the best!



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