Can You Get a Relaxer While Pregnant? [No, You Can’t, but There Are More]

Relaxer hair treatment is a chemical processing that straightens curly hair, but can you get a relaxer while pregnant? The treatment is about relaxing the curls within our hair. Relaxers ditch the curl texture of our hair and force them to get straight. The process results in permanently straight hair strands. However, the quality of the result ultimately depends on your hair texture and as well as on length. 

Know that relaxer is a powerful treatment rich in solid chemicals to give you desired results. 

So, if you have tight and dense curls, you must go ahead with relaxer hair treatment.

Our concern here is not to explain relaxer treatment but to guide pregnant ladies related to this chemical-rich method.

Is Relaxer Safe for Pregnant Ladies?

can you get a relaxer while pregnant
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What are the side effects of relaxer hair treatment while pregnant? And many more questions regularly.

Firstly, congratulation on your Good news.

Deep research about hair treatments and knowing all dos and don’ts is a good approach. Having a detailed understanding is the simple way to prevent yourself from some sudden happenings.

Pregnant ladies with curly hair keep surfing the internet to know whether they are allowed to get relaxer sessions or not.

Let’s know all aspects of the discussion and bring your questions under the limelight for proper understanding.

Is It Safe to Get a Hair Relaxer while Pregnant?

can you get a relaxer while pregnant

The good news is that there is no evidence that relaxer is harmful to the fetus or for the mother.

The bad news is that there is no evidence that relaxer is safe for pregnant ladies.

Therefore, we will have to know all the facts to find a proper answer to clarify this confusion.

While treating kinky and curly hair, harsh alkali is the essential component of the relaxer treatment. Lanthioniation is the alternative word used for a relaxer, applying cream at the roots of the hair. After this, the mixture stays on the hair for an interval, which loosens the thick curls. 

Leaving chemicals at the roots of hair for a long time and attending different hair treatments, is it safe in pregnancy?

You will not deny that chemicals in relaxers are pretty strong, and they may get absorbed into our skin. After the absorption, the harsh chemicals travel in our skin, and they may interact with the fetus. 

Moreover, these chemicals may let you in headache and hence taking medicines, which is again not good in pregnancy.

According to research, the chemicals present within the permanent hair treatments are highly toxic so declared unsafe to use in pregnancy.

Even regular hair dyes are usually not recommended in pregnancy.

Fumes and Chemicals

We are mentioning again that the relaxer is all about harmful chemicals. Although there is no proof that a hair relaxer causes damage to the baby when you are pregnant, it is still not recommended. As in relaxer treatment, chemicals are applied at the root of the hair, increasing the chances of getting absorbed into the skin. Fumes within the treatment promote nausea and vomiting, which is again irritable for pregnant ladies.

As we know that pregnancy is all about hormonal changes and changing diets, relaxers may also cause any skin allergy.

Hormonal Issue

In pregnancy, our body acts differently from routine processes, and the reactions may move out of the window when you try something new.

You are so expecting the typical effects of relaxers while pregnant would not be correct. You might face sudden hair loss because of hormonal imbalance. Even you may not get the desired results of this treatment.

Furthermore, hair relaxers are well known to increases the risk of Uterine Leiomyomata due to the entrance of chemicals into the bloodstream.

Products, when absorbed in the skin, may negatively affect estrogen levels. 

When you are already in the hormonal imbalance state, why put yourself in a problem by inserting solid chemicals!

It’s the end of facts, and now it’s time to announce the final answer by keeping all points in mind.

Can you get a relaxer while pregnant? The straightforward answer to the question is NO; you can’t get a relaxer while pregnant. All points and facts mentioned above are doing justice with our final response.

 The next question to pop up in mind is, does a no-lye relaxer also causes damage? Again, let’s discuss this question by placing the facts in the discussion.

No-Lye Relaxers Can Cause Damage

can you get a relaxer while pregnant

Don’t put yourself into the false concept that no lye is safe for hair. It’s not true. Relaxer is unsafe no matter which type and version of it you are applying. 

Note that if it’s not lye, then its alternatives are indeed there. Who says that those alternatives are safe for the health of pregnant ladies?

Powerful chemicals such as calcium hydroxide and guanidine manufacturers are using carbonate in the place of lye. Again, manufacturers are using these chemicals to break the protein layer in our hair.

Break down of hair shaft, protein layer and letting the chemical stay in the roots again put us at the same point where we believe that relaxer is unsafe.

Therefore, there is no safe corner in relax treatment when it’s about pregnant ladies.

Related FAQs

  • Can a hair relaxer cause miscarriage? 

Although the relaxer is not allowed in pregnancy, there is still no proves that it causes miscarriage. However, it may cause skin allergy and other related issues in babies.

  • Why is relaxer unsafe in pregnancy?

The presence of harmful chemicals within the relaxer treatment is the primary reason it’s unsafe in pregnancy. The substances may get absorbed by the skin and hence mix up with the bloodstream. The blood polluted with harsh chemicals is harmful to the baby’s health and skin in the womb.

It may cause an allergy to the mother’s skin because of hormonal changes.

  • Is it okay to put a relaxer in hair while pregnant?

No, it’s unsafe to put relaxer while pregnant. As mentioned above in the guide, chemicals in the treatment make it bad for pregnant ladies.

  • Does relaxer cause skin allergies?

Yes, ingredients within the hair dyes and treatments may react badly on your skin. Neck, face, and scalp are more likely to suffer from allergies after hair treatments that include chemicals.

  • Can dyeing your hair while pregnant cause congenital disabilities?

A small amount of dye is not much harmful when used by pregnant ladies. But, treatments such as relaxer is immensely detrimental and may also cause congenital disabilities—the defects in the development of a baby’s body or skin.

According to some studies, strong hair dye chemicals can affect the baby’s brain in the womb if used in a large amount.

  • What if I applied a relaxer without knowing about the side effects?

There is a possibility that you may get the treatment without knowing the adverse side effects. Or maybe no one guided you in the right way, and you just applied chemicals on your scalp.

You can’t reverse that situation, but having a healthy diet is still in your hands. Go for a detailed checkup and make sure you intake more protein.

To Wrap It Up

You were planning for relaxer treatment, and then you got the news of your pregnancy; it’s incredible. But still, you are willing to attend hair relaxer treatment because you want straight hair desperately. Wait, don’t rush things.

Typically, the effects of hair dyes and other hair treatments vary from person to person. But the case is different for pregnant ladies. 

In pregnancy, you must take cautions to deliver a healthy baby with perfect skin. And relaxer is known to cause health issues while done in pregnancy. It’s harmful to the mother’s skin and damages the protein cells in the baby.

Your body faces too much in pregnancy, and hormonal changes are one of them. We never know how our skin will react when interacted with harsh chemicals. According to studies, chemicals are quick to get into the skin because they are applied to the roots of the hair. From the scalp, they can directly affect brain functioning and mix up with blood. 

Blood with some quantity of harsh chemicals is quite harmful to the skin of the baby. There is a possibility that you may give birth to a baby with some skin infection because of a relaxer. 

However, relaxers can’t be the reason for miscarriage. 

If you get more into the studies, you will find different words of people sharing their side of stories.

Many pregnant women or considering becoming pregnant have concerns about their hair and what products they can use. Relaxer hair treatments and straightening treatments are popular and often desired by many African-American women.

Many pregnant women are unaware that they should not use relaxer hair treatments during pregnancy. The chemicals in these products are unsafe for pregnant woman and their unborn baby.

It is not recommended to use a relaxer during pregnancy. The user can absorb chemicals in the product through the skin and into the body. The chemicals in relaxers are not considered safe for use during pregnancy.



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