Elephant Baby Shower Invitations – Free Creation Guide

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby. It is typically attended by close friends and family members of the soon-to-be mother, expected to be present when the expectant father gets home from work. Baby showers have become so popular in recent years that more women are opting for them than ever.

One of the most popular baby shower invitations element is involving elephants on them. Children are fancy of them, and by the cute looks, it can make adults feel warm and embraced too by invitation.

How to Make Elephant Baby Shower Invitations?

I don’t have any design skills to design invitation cards and can’t afford that web-based designing and printing-on-demand service. If you have the budget, you can go through the sites like Zazzle or Printful. It’s more straightforward and will save you a lot of time and effort.

But if you like me want to find something different and feeling adventurous, then follow me 😉

Getting All Your Resources

I will go with an elephant theme because some kids love elephants and enjoy playing with them. It’s almost on par with (Teddy) bears. There are several reasons why elephants are so popular among children. They can be soft to the touch, they’re cute like stuffed toys, and they’re also big enough to climb on (the animals).

Also, stuffed elephants are actually among my nieces’ favorite toys to play with. It’s fun to get the baby to experiment with them by pulling their tails and ears, sticking their trunks in your mouth, and of course, pinching their rumps!

Enough with the introduction. Let’s get down to the business!

  • Go for elephant pictures from the web. You can go to images.google.com. Take a look at my screenshot below. You can also look for specific properties like greyish elephants or boho designs. Pro tip: screenshot a template you like from the next step and reverse the google image search. You might get surprised by what you find. 😉

  1. Type in your query on the text bar, here I type “cute elephant”. You can try with “baby elephant” or “elephant cartoon”.
  2. Make sure the license is for Commercial & Other Licenses so you can reuse the image.
  3. Click on the picture you like without a watermark.
  4. Grab the picture or screenshot from your computer.
  5. Get also other needed assets like flowers or ribbon as needed.

I will download this cute elephant with a pink hat as an art asset to use later.

Find Some Inspiration from Websites like Zazzle or Canva

To get a rough idea of how your design will be, you can get as much inspiration as you want from POD websites, especially their baby shower invitation templates.


Assets Cleaning-Up

Some images will need some clean-up for background removal before we can incorporate them into our design. You can use free online background removal services like photoscissors.com.

Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

Design Time!

You can choose to design in your computer with a free image processing/photo editor software such as:

  • Gimp
  • Ashampoo
  • Fotor
  • Canva (in browser)
  • Visme (in browser)

Below we did it with Canva by searching for “invitation” and select from the most appealing free template available.

Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

I will pick this template with a floral pattern around it. The text is also simple and on-point. I like it so far. We’ll need to spice it up with the elephant asset we got earlier.

Drag all the assets you cleaned up earlier and download to save them to your computer in digital .jpeg or .pdf file format.

Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

Where Can I Order Printed Baby Shower Invitations With an Elephant on Them?

Armed with the result, now it’s up to you to print it in Canva directly or at the nearest local service. I suggest also checking for Vistaprint.

Personally, if the invitation is not that many (less than ten cards), I would print it myself with a thick white paper cardstock from a local store or Amazon along with the envelopes.

Could you get it here?

This is, by far, the cheapest route I can get, and the quality is not bad too!



Creating a memorable baby shower invitation doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, this strategy is suitable for boys and girls. In here, you can decide and have more freedom what you can trade your money for time.


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