How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need? Get it Right

It’s not until the third baby pregnancy that I think I got the balance right on how many burp clothes I need and the new mothers alike. I will share my experience to determine the approximate number. After that, we will explore what makes a good burp cloth and how you can maintain it.

In the baby’s first few months, they will spit up a lot. This can lead to some pretty nasty stains on your clothes and bedding. In order to save money, you may think it might be a good idea to buy just several burp cloths, but how many should you actually get?

Most new moms underestimate how many burp cloths they’ll need in the first year of the baby’s life. Being strategic about your feeding accessories will also help you save time and money once your baby is born. Suppose you’re having twins or more babies. This will also add to the complexity but not necessarily doubling up the number. Learn the proper care so you can optimize the number of cloths as well.

Let’s go to the definition first.

What is a Burp Cloth?

Burp cloths are small pieces of material that moms and dads drape over their shoulders while feeding their infants. These secure the shoulders from spills, throws up, and spit during infant feeding or while the baby is being burped over the shoulder.

how many burp cloths do i need

Burping cloths are thicker than typical towels and are typically numerous towels thick to avoid any liquid from soaking through and staining the feeder’s shoulder. Apart from being utilized in this way, Mothers can also utilize burp cloths to clean any mess and clean the child’s mouth during feeding.

Up to 50% of babies spit up more often than their parents, according to research. Since you will require them to wipe your baby’s spit-up or when they drool, burp cloths are essential.

Watch out for the burp after a meal to make sure the digestion procedure is taking place. Babies who are majorly on liquid or semi-solid food can spit back some of the material of the stomach with a burp. It is a common practice to put a burp cloth on your shoulder before you lay the infant over.

How Many Burp Cloths Do You Need?

The quantity of baby burp fabrics you need actually depends upon the practices of your baby. Some infants tend to drool or have more spit, so that moms will need more.

Keep in mind that burp fabrics work until your infant starts eating more solid baby food, at which moms should use time bibs. You’ll then need to ask, “how many bibs do I require?” in which the numbers may be various from burp fabrics.

For newborns, the number of burp cloths you have ought to ideally be between 10-15. This is since newborns tend to throw up a lot more than older infants, particularly when fed with unfamiliar formula milk or suffering from an irritated digestion system (we did cover an article on the very best formula for gassy children, which you could inspect).

You need at least to prepare one burp cloth for every feeding time, to be safe, even if you are utilizing a slow flow bottle for newborns, to minimize the chances of them over-gulping milk and toss-up.

Typically, in my experience, I’m comfortable with 5-8 burp cloths, but you need to double that amount since you’ll require some more on standby while doing your laundry.

How Many Burp Cloths do You Need for Twins?

Normally, the best variety of burp cloths to prepare for your twins can range between 18-30 cloths. I would use moderate numbers 25 and multiple in 8s with adding a few more for spare. Remember to buy them in various colors and sizes, but not too varied.

More frequently than not with twins moms, you don’t really need to double the number of burp cloths if you have twins. If you’re feeding your children one after the other, you can actually reuse the burp cloth if it’s clean.

How Often Should You Wash Burp Cloths?

Discolorations from the formula, breast milk, and infant food will rapidly discolor your burp cloths. Utilize a three-step procedure to ensure they remain fresh, lively, and tidy. Before you put the garments in your washer, spray them with a stain fighter. Find an item specifically produced by children.

Use a moderate quantity of the spray to the imperfection, and after that, rub the product back and forth to coax the stain out. As soon as the discoloration loosens a bit, let it sit for five to 10 minutes. Use baby-safe detergent. Add the burp cloth with the staying stain fighter still on it. If you use a device, ensure the heat is on a low setting.

There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to baby laundry. Some babies have smaller-sized closets, and cleaning daily can guarantee that there is always fresh clothing or blanket all set to go.

Once per week can save water and electrical power, washing your baby’s clothing simple. Some households do not have their own washer and dryer, and it’s not useful to visit the laundromat daily. You can also use the days leading up to laundry day to pretreat or soak the items if your infant has hard spots.

What is the Best Material for Burp Cloths?

Some say cotton chenille is the best material for absorbent burp cloths. Combined with a terry cloth layer for absorbency is far superior to any other combination. A core fleece layer absorbs and wicks away liquids, while the outer material is a soft cotton jersey knit that is smooth to the touch.
how many burp cloths do i need
The extra-long shape of this fabric fits your shoulder without slipping and provides extra coverage down your back without developing bunched material. Some mothers create it themselves from cloth diapers or Minky and get creative with the pattern. Only do this if you have time and passion.

Using Receiving Blankets as Burp Cloths?

Receiving blankets or swaddles are the swiss knives of the baby nursery, especially for newborns. You can use them as burp cloths, table covers, nursing covers, or even playmat and washcloths. I keep them three or four per baby in case I need a spare for other needs. It’s convenient and versatile.

Getting blankets can double as burp cloths for your baby when you’re out and about. You might not even require to decide to choose between receiving blanket or swaddle because you may get both! Each blanket gets the job done of keeping your baby warm and snuggly. That’s what matters! You might want to get swaddles with velcro to make your life easier.

How About Using Bibs as Burp Cloths?

Newborns generally won’t need a bib for feedings in the healthcare facility and early days in the house; a burp cloth will be reliable. As they age, they’ll need to start utilizing different types of bibs.

how many burp cloths do i need

Chances are, the majority of parents will need a range of bibs and burp fabrics to make it through the infant’s very first year. It’s not the case that burp cloths are for milk and bibs are for food. In fact, both burp cloths and bibs can be used to capture food, milk, and drool. So you won’t use bibs until your baby is a few months and can move around.

On Other Items

Other things to note and restock are bath towels and muslin blankets when the weather is hot to keep your baby comfortable. They are versatile and multi-purpose as well, only lighter and breathable. I wound up with 7 burp cloths, 5 swaddle blankets, 6 receiving blankets, 4 bath towels, and probably 8 or 9 washcloths and that worked out fantastic.

how many burp cloths do i need

I did her laundry every 5-7 days. She didn’t get a bath every day, so having 4 bath towels were good; however, I had more wash clothes because I utilized a clean moist wash fabric.


Planning how many burp clots you can use for your dearly can be tedious. But don’t fret, we also have other fabrics we can use as burp cloths and working out just great. Do the laundry every once for a while in a week when you feel the fabrics are running out. You don’t want to end up with no available cloths to use. We hope this article is useful for you moms!


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