My Husband Wants Me to Cut My Hair Very Short, What to Do?

After my second pregnancy, I need some time to recover because it was unusually tiring. Even after delivering my fifth daughter, now I realized it was the most laborious effort.

Not only that, the second week after delivering, suddenly Mr. Mifena wanted me to cut my hair very short, like Natalie Portman’s super pixie haircut. At first, I didn’t know how to respond. My philosophy in hair is to let it grow and grow, and if I cut the hair (in fact, several times already, to trim clean), I won’t do it as drastically, as now it is still at waist long.

This brings the old-age question. Would you please your partner more than pleasing yourself? What if you are like me? My husband wants me to cut my hair very short?

Is it a kind of sacrifice one must do in a relationship?

To be clear, my husband had no problem with my hair up until that point, so it’s really “refreshing” on his part. Like he couldn’t pick more right timing? But I’m sure at some point in everybody’s relationship we’ve encountered this kind of problem, and gladly for our’s we turned out to be OK and discussed it in a civilized manner. I will give you the breakdown here.

Investigate Why Your Partner Wants That?

Ask him exactly why he believes it looks better. Maybe he likes women with short hair in general? In that case-i don’t believe the viewpoint matters that much since he didn’t marry you only for looks, did he?

All perhaps a month at a time, so they get utilized to the concept of less hair. Don’t cut your hair to please someone else, even your partner! It’s your hair, for God’s sake!

I chose to ask him what he thought I need to do.

He recommended I’d go Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta era styles to understand my disposition to get all-or-nothing hairstyles. Yes, you know the appearance. The pixie cut that later on popped up on the heads of Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and others.

I had actually always believed I would one day give it a try, but my instincts, my relentless gut feeling, told me that wasn’t it. I had constantly been one for extreme hair changes, but the pixie cut was next-level radical, one I wasn’t all set for.

I will not state my spouse pushed me to do it, but his excitement for it in some way got mixed in with my desire to do anything I could to conserve our falling apart marital relationship, so once again, I went all out.

Natalie Portman might have looked charming in a pixie. I appeared like a guy!

Here’s the thing about celebrities: they have their pictures taken by the finest professional photographers; everyone around them is interested in making them look their best. Common me just had unskilled, although well-intentioned, loved one’s members taking pictures of me with their mobile phones. And I looked bad in every. Single. One.

Bring all the Verdicts

The pixie is a tough hairstyle. You have to either stay with it and cut it regularly, or you have to withstand the uncomfortable growing-out phase. And it’s uncomfortable, particularly for somebody like me who can’t manage hair extensions to skip that terrible in-between.

After marrying ten years ago, I grew out my hair seriously since I always desired long hair. It’s near to my waist now, although my spouse chooses shoulder-length hair on me. He loves me and is more than happy that I’m happy with my hair, though, and he encourages me to take exceptional care of it.

my husband wants me to cut my hair very short
myself illustrated

However, his viewpoint is that much shorter hair is more modern-day and attractive. When an enjoyed one isn’t as enthusiastic about your long hair as you are, I know how frustrating it can be. But, you need to go with your heart.

Fortunately, I understand my husband enjoys me no matter what. If he wished to break up over a hair problem, however, I would be horrified. He became very attached and informed me that seeing me for the very first time after cutting it had him head-over-heels once again.

So I stated, It’s my hair. If I do not want to cut it, I don’t cut it!

It’s okay for him to have an opinion and encourage you to try new things or inform you he’d like to see you with a particular style. The health of your relationship actually needs to be independent of your hairdo.

My solution: I bun my hair more often, and he concurred.

It Will Always Coming Back To Your Partner Should Love You More Than Hair

It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, and in my case, it was just serendipity, short-break, a gateway from my husband’s side that he wanted to see me in a pixie style. But in case it was something else, you need to keep investigating and ask deep in yourself.

  • Is it because of a recent short-hair fetish?
  • Any changes of heart? (don’t get discouraged by this)
  • Need a refreshing style from his partner? (just like my case)

For whatever his reason is, the final decision is yours. Make sure you are ready and only do it because of yourself. You are comfortable with the change and have the right to refuse.

On the other hand, if you do incline and you want to cut your hair in a brief hairstyle, then by all means! But ensure that you do it because of the best reasons. Since somebody else wants it, even though you do not share that vision, you can not (or should not) cut your hair short.

Opt For a Win-Win Solution

When we’re comfortable with the bun, I told him that we could try a trial to cut the hair by the back length, and then after that, we could progress to shoulder length and bob style before pixie if we like on the development. This is a win-win solution, and after all, I think my husband is not one hundred percent unreasonable (yes, I need a refreshing style, especially after my second child).

And do you want to know how it turned out? We both agree it stopped at shoulder length. We never looked forward to cut shorter 😉

my husband wants me to cut my hair very short
myself illustrated after resolving the conflict



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