What To Do With Expired Baby Formula? Make a Good Use Of It

Parents might confuse to answer this, as they need to balance the inventory and do their best for their beloved children. Sometimes they get unlucky when they obtain expired formula somehow. Additionally, baby formula is expensive, so they will feel terrible throwing it away.

(expired baby formula (left) and good baby formula (right), source: https://thefirsttimemamma.com/what-to-do-with-expired-baby-formula/)

You can’t risk yourself eating food past its expiration date. Do this, and you may get diseases like stomachache and vomiting.

If parents feed their baby with expired formula, they might get sick and need to go to the hospital, which is not a wanted situation for both the baby and the parents. Learn also the difference between expiration and shelf life. Shelf life is for how long the store can keep the formula.

If it sounds bad, don’t worry! Even though the expired formula is dangerous, the parent can use it for something else so that the expired baby formula won’t go to waste.

Many sources say that expired baby formula (as per expiration date) is still usable if it remains unopened for a month. But don’t risk it if the expiry date is way past today’s date. Baby formula expires on the expiry date and is not intended for human consumption for health risks.

Instead of throwing such an expensive thing, there are many ways to use expired formulas! Before we go to “how to use.” Let’s get to what makes outdated baby formula first!

How Can You Prevent Getting an Expired Baby Formula?

As preventative measures can save you much headache in the future, read further below.

  • Look at the expiration date before buying.

Don’t forget to look at the expiry date before buying a baby formula. It is pretty simple but sometimes overlooked if distracted by something else.

If you buy, for example, a powdered formula in the online store, you can check it in the product description. It has an expiration date. One could say this is not a strict rule to follow. Manufacturers put the expiration date based on the study of the product’s peak performance, but not with the baby’s formula. You need to read it as “use by date.”

While in the store, you can look at baby formulas such as powdered baby formula or bottled milk directly, which is easy, but not so much when buying online. Powder formula is hard to trace if you happen to buy it in bulk, mixed baby formula with a generic label.

  • Buy only the amount you need

Parents may buy the powdered baby formula in bulk or too much to reduce transportation costs, especially if their house is far from the store.

The best way to prevent expired formula is to buy it once at a time. Even if it means you get an additional transportation cost.

Sure, it may cost you more money. But, it would cost you more if the baby formula is not usable for the baby because it passes its expired date. Not to mention the cost of going to the hospital if you accidentally give your baby an expired formula.

  • Store the baby formula in a proper place

The parent should store the baby formula in a proper place. Is the fridge the appropriate place to keep the baby formula? It turns out. It’s not always the case.

The proper place to store a baby formula is somewhere indoors, a dry and cool place. The description fits the pantry as an excellent place to store a baby formula!

  • Use the formula as soon as you open it

The infant formula only lasts not long after you open it, either from a bottle or can. So, the best way to use it is not to open multiple formulas at once.

The best quality of baby formula only lasts a month after being opened and stored correctly. Hence, parents need to make good use of it.

  • What To Do With Baby Expired Formula? Know Its Characteristics

You must know the giveaway sign of expired infant formula to prevent the baby from eating or drinking it.

You can tell if the baby food expiring when there are molds, a smelly aroma, and the powder looks frosted up. Moreover, the prepared formula will be similar to the above picture if not stored properly.

Many Ways You Can Use the Expired Baby Formula.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But what if the baby formula has passed its expiration date? What to do with expired baby formula? There are many ways to use it as follows.

Give It to a Local Animal Shelter

what to do with expired baby formula

(puppies drink baby formula, source: https://findyourmomtribe.com/what-to-do-with-expired-baby-formula/)

The expired formula is beneficial to animals such as kittens and puppies. Animal shelters accept expired formulas for their food stock.

According to an agricultural study by researchers at Penn State University, you can use an expired formula for animals’ babies. Baby formulas contain protein that will benefit greatly to the baby animals due to its nutritional quality.

According to research, the geriatric formula is good for pigs, while infant formula is good for calves. They give 30 calves one of three liquid diets. Ten calves received a controlled diet of milk replacer. The other twenties received infant formulas. Calves consume the same menu within four weeks.

After six weeks, the result shows that expired formula, when mixed with a protein source such as whey, has a good effect on calves and significantly reduces the animal’s feeding cost. The good thing is they still have all the nutrients needed.

By giving your expired baby formula to the animal shelter. You are not only saving the poor animal but, at the same time, make use of your expired food.

Before giving your formula to the animal or pet shelters, please check whether the formula contains harmful substances to the animal. They may refuse your good intention if the inspector of the animal shelter finds out that your “gift” is not suitable for the poor animal.

If you have a pet, you can also consult a vet for feeding the animals expired food. Kittens can be a good example. They can benefit from getting all the nutrients in the prepared formula, better than throw it away.

There are many ways to use expired formula besides giving it to the animal shelter or pet care for feeding the animal that lives there.

  • Gardening

If you have a gardening hobby, you are lucky! You can use an expired formula to support your gardening hobby.

According to many sources, Farmers or gardeners that use a baby formula to their plants testify that their plants grow when they use it!

The best thing is, unlike when you use it for food in the animal shelter. You can use a contaminated baby formula for gardening.

The nutrients in the expired infant formula make the plant grow, and the source says that baby formula is like a fertilizer for the plant. Baby formula is worth a try to use!

Because the usage of baby formula in gardening is not proven by scientists yet, don’t forget to use the main fertilizer, not just a baby formula, for your plant! Even the baby formula looks promising. Let’s hope the scientist finds out the truth so that we can pay less money for fertilizer!

  • Repel pests that come to your garden

Well, it is still part of gardening. You can use an expired baby formula to repel pests that come to your garden.

An expert gardener named Walter Reeves uses a baby formula to repel pests. This can be in the form of liquid formula or formula powder.

Baby formula can be a promising new repellent after some studies say that baby formula prevents a deer from eating the plant.

Using a baby formula to repel pests such as deer could be a great discovery in science. Additionally, you can pay less money to buy repellent.

What if You Accidentally Feed Your Baby With Expired Baby Formula?

what to do with expired baby formula

The baby is eating a baby formula, source: https://mominformed.com/how-long-is-baby-food-good-for-after-the-expiration-date/)

Of course, don’t ever let your baby eat an expired baby formula. A parent must give what is best for the baby.

If you ever accidentally feed your baby with expired baby formula, you can do these steps:

  • Stay calm, get ready to use the first aid.

Panic only leads to more trouble. Since babies dehydrate quicker than adults because they are smaller, be ready to treat the baby with breastmilk for a younger baby and water or juice for an older baby. Avoid foods

  • Watch the sign of intoxication.

Watch the sign of infection such as vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, weaknesses, fast heartbeat, etc. Call a doctor as soon as possible is one of the best options to make.

  • Prepare to go to the hospital or call a doctor.

If the sign of intoxication is getting worse, you must be ready to go to the hospital. The emergency unit opens 24 hours, which means you must go there first and prepare for insurance.

If your home is far away from the hospital, you should call a doctor that lives near your house or your residence.


Being a parent can be difficult, and you need to learn more. One thing you need to know is to feed your baby well with the baby formula.

Every parent in this world wants the best for their babies. Expired baby formula is one of the problems that parents will face.

Better safe than sorry. But, if the baby formula is expired, instead of dwelling in regret and being angry, you can use it in something else that might be useful for them than throw it away.

Everything is applicable depending on where you place it, including what to do with expired baby formula.


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